No Dig! CIPP Tecnology Can Repair Your Yard without Digging and Save Your Yard

Repair Your Yard without Digging Many homeowners fear that major sewer system issues such as leaks, clogs, and broken lines necessitate digging up their yard and completely ruining their landscaping. While this was true in the past, current technology allows sewer line professionals to complete repairs without you having to repair your yard afterward. CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) technology is a form of trenchless pipe repair. If you need sewer line work done on your property, opting for trenchless pipe repair can equal thousands of dollars of savings, as you won’t have to deal with your yard being excavated.

What It Is

CIPP technology is a less invasive way to fix sewer lines. It’s a landscape friendly option that allows your plumbing professional to solve your sewer line issues while not having to do any heavy digging. There are many ways to go about completing a trenchless repair with CIPP technology, and each requires less time than traditional methods and does not call for heavy excavation of your property. It is common for sewer line professionals to use video inspection before starting a trenchless repair. This involves the technician pushing a very small digital camera into your sewer line and using it to look around. Doing so allows them to get a thorough, up close view of your sewer system and lateral pipes so they can pinpoint the problems and make a more precise repair. Video inspection is part of the reason that trenchless pipe repair can be done without tearing up your yard. It used to be necessary for sewer line technicians to dig up a yard just to see what the problem was, but newer technology has made that unnecessary in most cases.

Benefits of CIPP technology

There are many benefits to trenchless pipe repair completed using CIPP technology, including:

– Less time required to complete repairs, as opposed to traditional yard excavation;
– Precise repairs using very sturdy, durable replacement pipes;
– Your yard won’t be dug up, meaning you won’t need to have it landscaped or replace your grass, plants, and garden.

When CIPP technology Can Be Used

Trenchless pipe repair can be used for both broken sewer lines that need patching and ones that need to be completely replaced, as long as the pipes are 60″ or less in diameter. There are two very common types of CIPP trenchless repair: pipe relining and pipe bursting. If your sewer line needs to be sealed due to being damaged, pipe relining is a possible option. Your sewer line professional will put a new line into your damaged sewer line — typically one made of fiberglass — that will seal off the broken areas and result in a repair that’s durable and long-lasting.

If your sewer line needs to be completely replaced due to its age or extensive damage, pipe bursting is the best option. This method of trenchless pipe repair will require your technician to run a new high density pipe through the broken one, bursting apart the damaged line in the process.

With CIPP technology, you can save your yard while solving your sewer line problems. If your sewer system needs to be fixed or replaced, it’s definitely worth considering trenchless pipe repair.