How Hydro Jetting is Used in Whittier CA, Los Angeles CA, Hacienda Heights CA, El Monte CA, Pico Rivera CA, Pasadena CA,

Hydro jetting is used to clean out clogged sewer lines or other plumbing lines using high pressure water, and it is an environmentally friendly and effective way to clear out many types of blockages in a home or business’s sewer line. Hydro jetting takes a relatively short period of time compared to other methods of blockage removal and it can ensure that a sewer line is back up and running very quickly. Hydro jetting avoids the use of harmful chemicals which can cause damage to sewer line structures and also contaminate the environment, which is a major advantage, and it can be used in several different circumstances.

A jetter of water is sent through the pipe

With hydro jetting in Whittier CA, a blast of water is sent through the sewer line at a pressure of around 4000 psi, and this is capable of removing several different types of blockages from leaves, to grease, to food scraps, paper, and more. Before hydro jetting is performed, a video camera inspection normally takes place in order to determine the nature of the blockage and find out whether or not it can be removed with hydro jetting. As previously mentioned, there are several different types of blockages that can be removed using the hydro jetting method, and even tree roots can be removed sometimes, but the sewer line or pipe has to be structurally intact.


An inspection will ensure that the pipe is structurally intact

Before hydro jetting occurs, the video inspection will also check to make sure that the pipe is structurally intact. If you can imagine, putting a jet of water at 4000 psi through a cracked pipe or pipe that is about to collapse is a bad idea, and there is a chance that it could cause significant damage to a cracked pipe if the proper inspection is not performed. However, no professional company that offers hydro jetting in Whitter CA will ever try it without the proper inspection beforehand.

Hydro jetting is convenient compared to other methods

There are other methods that can be used to open up a sewer line like a mechanical snake or chemical drain openers, but neither of these methods are ideal. Chemical drain openers are rarely used by professional sewer repair and maintenance companies and they are harsh and dangerous in many cases. They are also often not effective and if they can’t open the drain up, they can back up into a home and cause an environmental hazard. Mechanical snakes can open many types of blockages but they take a significant amount of time which means that this method often costs more.

Hydro jetting in Whittier CA offers a faster, more environmentally friendly and convenient method without needing to wait for a mechanical snake to work, and it’s very often preferable.

Warthog Sewer Jetter is use to Cut the Roots On The Main Sewer

We Have A Special Truck Custom Made With The Warthog Unit For The Service For Removing Roots In Ur Sewer. At The Same Time We Run A Sewer Camera For The Process Of Removing Every Root Per Sections.

We offer this after service!

liquid for keeping drains clean after our hydrojet service

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