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Why You Should Get Leak Detection Services in Norwalk CA

If you’ve noticed water leaking at one or more points in your home, it’s a good idea to get leak detection services in Norwalk CA. Leak detection services can pinpoint the specific parts of your home that have a water leak and ensure that your home is protected from major water damage. Leak detection can also be used when you suspect there is a leak but can’t identify the location. There are a few signs to look out for that can help you determine whether or not it is time to schedule a leak detection. Leak detection also uses state of the art equipment to find water leaks and repair them quickly.

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You can check your water meter for leaks

Many water meters in Norwalk will have a leak indicator which might look like a small triangular dial or a small silver wheel that moves when you have a leak. Another way to determine if you have a leak is to take a water meter reading, make sure that no one is using water in your home, and take a second reading 1 to 2 hours later. If the meter shows water usage in that time period you know that you have a leak somewhere and from there it’s a good idea to schedule leak detection services in Norwalk CA to pinpoint the specific area of the leak.


Look for discoloration or wet areas in your home

Leaks can sometimes be more difficult to detect because not all of them will show up on the water meter. They can be smaller, but over time even a small water leak can cause significant damage to your home and be very costly. One thing to look out for is any discoloration or wet areas in your home, in the flooring, on the ceiling, on walls, woodwork and baseboards, and other parts of your home. There also may be a musty or mildew smell in areas that have a leak, and if you notice any water damage or discoloration you should schedule leak detection services in Norwalk CA.


Leaks are hard to pinpoint

Although you might see water damage in a particular part of your home, it doesn’t mean that the leak is located there. Leaks can start in one part of your plumbing system and travel to another part of your home. That’s why it’s essential to schedule leak detection services in Norwalk CA whenever you notice water damage and don’t have a specific reason why. Leak detection services utilize the latest equipment to find the pipes that needs to be repaired. The proper leak detection will ensure that your plumbing system is fixed as quickly as possible to minimize any water damage to your home.

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